On January 15th, 2020 Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University under the Royal Patronage, was the host in welcoming the Higher Education Commission Science, Research and Innovation, Senate and the executive from 38 Rajabhat Universities. For this occasion,Air Chief Marshal (A.M.C) Prajin Jan-Tong Chairman of the Senate Committee on Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, had given an opening speech and the purpose of this seminar. After that Prof. Clinickiatikotudom Kachintorn, Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Higher Education in the Commission on Higher Education science, research and innovation, senate, had talked about “The role and importance of Rajabhat University Network towards national movement of Rajabhat University Network” along with Mom Luang (M.L.) Panadda Diskul, and the executives involving in the seminar at the Rajanagarindra Meeting Room, Floor 5, the 100th Anniversary of Somdet Phra Srinagarindra.

Topic of seminar “The Process of working towards national movement of Rajabhat University Network”

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